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We Are Funded! Check Out Our New Mermaid Tail Designs

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Mermaid Monofins are a go!

Mermaid Monofins Funded by Kickstarter

It's so exciting!  Our little Kickstarter that could has turned into the Kickstarter that did!  We're fully funded and we'll be able to start production on our teen/adult sized monofin in just a couple of weeks!  

Designer Realistic Mermaid Tails

We've added new reward tiers for our gorgeous new line of mermaid tails.  Check out the offerings below, and if you'd like the insanely low introductory pricing of $25 per tail, swim on over to Kickstarter and snag one before they hit our store!

designer mermaid tails from suntail

Gender Neutral Fantasy Tails!

Bright, rainbow hued tails are fun, but so are fantastical designs like our new gender neutral tails.  We have a killer whale Orca tail design, a sea monster tail, and a dragon tail, with more designs like these in the works.

Catch one on Kickstarter at a discount before they hit our store!

gender neutral mermaid fantasy tails

Vote on Your Favorite Mermaid Monofin Colors

Color options for our patent-pending monofins are endless!  You can vote on your favorite tail designs and monofin color by clicking here

vote on monofin colors

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  • I’m wanting to get my granddaughter a size child 6/7 mermaid tail. Can you tell me when they will be back in stock

    Sheila Blankenship on

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