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Protect Your Tail

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All of our mermaid tails now come with Mer-Shield Coating on the tips to protect from wear and holes. You can order our waterproof protective stickers to use on your old mermaid tails without Mer-Shield Coating or to repair other damaged areas of the fabric tail.

  • The generously sized rectangle waterproof stickers are easy to apply following the illustrated instructions included.
  • The two black neoprene bumpers slide over the tip of the plastic monofin to provide a cushion between the hard plastic fin and the fabric mermaid tail. The bumpers will extend the life of your fabric mermaid tail.

The clear protector stickers are not meant to be permanent.  Rather, they are like training wheels to help you learn to keep the tips of your tail from touching rough surfaces.  If they fall off before you have learned to keep your tail safe, you may order more at an affordable price. 


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