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Sun Tail Mermaid: Monofin On Kickstarter

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I like to joke that I enrolled in Kickstarter 101.  I think I've read almost everything about starting, and running a Kickstarter campaign available on the internet.  

You have read all the things. You've run out of internet.

I guess I won't have graduated valedictorian until our campaign for our mermaid monofin is successful, but either way I have had one heck of an education.  

If you're not familiar with Kickstarter, it's what they call a "crowdfunding" website.  Where new start-up companies like ours can get funding for new products from people just like you rather than say, an investor.  But it's not just asking the masses for money, no, we offer cool rewards at different levels as incentive.  You back a project by selecting the reward you want, and the best part is nobody gets charged unless the campaign is 100% successful. 

We have different reward levels on our Kickstarter campaign.  You can show your support for Sun Tail Mermaid with just $1!  Or you can pre-order one of our monofins at a great savings of just $39 in either our kid size or our teen/adult size!  Even if you've never backed anything on Kickstarter before, it's super easy.  Just click the backer reward you want, and they'll walk you through the rest.

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