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Mermaid Accessories

Every mermaid in training knows that there is more to being a mermaid than just putting on a tail and diving into the water. In fact, if you are training to be a professional mermaid or you are simply just enjoying being a mythical creature during the summer months, our mermaid accessories will help you enjoy it even more, as well as take care of your mermaid tails. Shop our selection of products today!

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We have a wide range of products in our selection of mermaid accessories, including a tail protection kit, a monofin backpack, necklaces, gift cards, trick cards, and even shell diving toys. We know that being a mermaid can be lots of fun, but for some, it is also very serious business, and the best way to ensure that your mermaid and fin are transported safely and properly is with our monofin backpacks. If you don't use a proper carrying case, your fin or tail could become damaged in transport, but with our backpack, you can rest assured it will fit the fin perfectly, making it easier than ever to become a mermaid at the pool, beach or lake. If you're trying to learn some new tricks now that you've mastered swimming in your mermaid tail, our mermaid trick cards are the perfect choice for you. These will allow you to try a variety of games and tricks that mermaids do. The best part is these cards are waterproof, so you can take them right next to the pool without worrying about them becoming damaged in any way. Check those out and more in our selection of mermaid accessories and products.

If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you with your order or help you find the perfect mermaid tail for your needs.