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Mermaid Monofins

Do you dream of living the mermaid life? Does the water call to you? With your very own monofin, make a splash and embrace the sea life! These fins are so much fun to swim with for both kids and adults. Best of all, they can be worn with your favorite swimsuit or as part of a mermaid tail so you have options.

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When shopping for a mermaid monofin, our patented swim flipper is the best on the market. We know what you want in a fin and we deliver. Not only do our fins help you look like a realistic mermaid, but it also keeps feet from sliding around, is so comfortable to wear, and it won't break. A monofin from our collection is made to do more than just look pretty. You can use your flipper to push off against pool walls, jump around, or even bounce on the tips without fear of breaking the fin. They are made to give you more movement and range than lesser fins on the market. They are also made to be comfortable! While some flippers can be stiff and hard to work with, our fins are made to move with you without coming off in the process. With comfortable foot holds, our flippers let your swim around without worry or discomfort.

We offer tons of colors to chose from on your mermaid journey! From ocean themed blues to vibrant pink and purple like an ocean sunset, we have every range of color you need to find the perfect mermaid monofin for you or your child. With options available in both kids and adult sizes, it is easy to embrace the siren of the sea way of life. Best of all, these swim flippers are made to work with our skins so you can easily up the mermaid factor. Order today and answer the call of the siren!

If you have any questions while shopping at Sun Tail Mermaid, please contact us. We are happy to help you find the perfect choice for your needs.