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Adult & Teen Monofins

Have you ever dreamt of living the mermaid life? Do you love the sea, shore, and all things beachy? If you are called to the water, let our adult monofins make your mermaid dreams a reality. Fun to swim in and perfect for a mermaid themed photoshoot, our teen monofins let you live the sea goddess life in style and comfort. Best of all, you can pair this swim flipper with your favorite tail to complete the look. If nothing else, you will get an amazing core workout and have fun while doing it when you swim in your mermaid fin and tail!

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Our Nunui fin is a super generous 21"" deep and 24"" wide, making a pretty profile for teens and adults of all sizes as they embrace the mermaid way of life. Recommended for size U.S. women's size 8 foot (US mens 6) and up, our adult monofins are great for a day by the pool or beach with your favorite swimsuit or mermaid tail skin. Made to offer comfortable wear, our flippers won't hurt your feet or come sliding off as soon the flipper gets wet like some lesser-quality options. We take great pride in our flippers and all they have to offer. With our teen monofins, you can push off the walls of the pool, walk around, and even bounce a little on the tips of the fins thanks to how well-made they are in terms of quality. Choose from an array of colors when shopping our collection. Whether you are looking for a specific color to match your existing mermaid tail skin or just your favorite color to match your swimsuit, find it here with our fun selection. From pink and purple to black and even lime green, there is something here for any preference. Order today and make a splash with your new mermaid fins!

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