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Swimming Safety When Training with a Mermaid Tail

Is Your Child Ready For A Mermaid Tail And Monofin?

Our top mermaid designers and monofin inventors are all parents, too. We know the importance of fun and safe water toys, and work to ensure top safety for your precious mermaids and mermen.

Safety Features of Our Mermaid Tails & Monofin:

  1. Our tails have an open bottom for easy and fast access to legs and feet.
  2. Our monofins do not have any straps that close around the ankles. Monofins can be easily tugged or kicked off.
  3. Our monofins only weigh 1lb and have a neutral buoyancy; they don't weigh you down.
  4. Our mermaid tails are made of regular swimsuit fabric, water flows through easily, the tails do not bog you down.
  5. Parents report younger swimmers learning to swim faster with our monofins. They help create confidence and core strength, but are not a floatation device and must be used under adult supervision.

Mermaiding Tips:

  1. Use only with adult supervision. Do NOT leave child unattended while using a mermaid tail and/or monofin.
  2. Only experienced swimmers should use Sun Tail Mermaid mermaid tails.
  3. Only swim in water you are familiar and comfortable with. If you wouldn't swim in the water with two legs, don't swim there as a mermaid, either.
  4. Learn the dolphin kick; practice without a monofin first, then with a monofin, then with a tail and monofin together.
  5. Ensure your child can hold their breath without issue before purchasing a mermaid tail.
  6. Always make sure that you know when a mermaid is in the pool and watch for potential signs of distress.
  7. Make sure younger mermaids are using the proper toddler tail and do not have a monofin on for safety reasons.

If a child is not a strong swimmer and cannot yet swim underwater confidently by themselves, then they are not ready to swim with a mermaid tail and monofin. Our mermaid tails are designed for experienced swimmers only. Adult supervision is absolutely required for every mermaid swim. Children generally are quick learners, and in our experience, pick up mermaid skills fast, but an adult should always be nearby for safety.

Sun Tail Mermaid Recommends The Following Skills Before Swimming With A Mermaid Tail Or Monofin:

  1. Float on her back for 30 seconds
  2. Go from floating on her front to floating on her back
  3. Tread water for 60 seconds
  4. Swim 25 yards and breathe unassisted
  5. Proficient with the dolphin kick - The dolphin kick is the basic movement required to swim in a mermaid tail or monofin. You can see a video of the dolphin kick here:

Toddler and "Little Kid" Mermaid Tails:

Our size XS (extra-small) and S (small) are made for little kids ages 2 - 5 who aren't strong swimmers yet, but want to dress up and play in the water as a mermaid. The tails have a looser fit, and are shorter, keeping their feet free as they learn to swim. They are not made for use with monofins. As with any children in a pool, adult supervision is required, even without a monofin. The toddler tails are made of the same material as our adult tails and will fit like a swimsuit and won’t weigh your child down.