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Turquoise Keiki (child size) Mermaid Monofin

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Did you know? Keiki means "child" in Hawaiian. It's pronounced kee-kee. :)

The Keiki monofins are for use with our M, L, and XL mermaid tail sizes.

Our patented mermaid monofin (swim flipper) is the best monofin available (US Patents 9561401 and 9925416). Not only does it help you swim like a real mermaid, it keeps feet from sliding around, is so comfortable to wear, and won't break.

Unlike other monofins, our swim fins do not require any babying. You can bounce on the tips, push off pool walls, even hop around in them without any fear of the fin breaking -- though you can break so please be careful.

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Customer Reviews

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Karry Hill
Perfect 10!

Best we have purchased! Finally this company did it right. My girls can actually USE these. The plus is in the feet straps that hold the fin on. It just perfect amount of tension giving them great mobility in the water. Perfect 10!

It's awesome!

I got his for my daughter's 10th birthday and she loves it. All of the other kids have mermaid tails at the pool but their fins are held on by abrasive straps and crack or fall off easily. This fin stays in place and works! My daughter is a strong swimmer, but it even took her a few tries to get used to it. I recommend very close adult supervision until your child is used to the monofin. Thanks so much for making a quality product!!

Jim V.
Great Quality Product!

We recently purchased three of these, and they LOVE them! My son has worn a hole in the neoprene cover on the bottom, but he has learned his lesson and stopped trying to jump around with it on when not in the pool. I have to stay on them though and make sure they take them right off when they aren't deep enough in the pool.

Jessica Kays
needs a strap

I love the fin! But it needs a strap across my feet. I am a seamstress and so I added a strap across my feet, just like the adult monofin has but thicker, I also had to take out the netting. I slipped around in the monofin way to much and had absolutely no control, it made my ancles hurt and I felt like I wasn't going anywhere. Because of no net and adding the strap it made a world of difference, I have control of what I'm doing! And I love it!