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Blue Lagoon Mermaid Tail + Monofin Set

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Whether blue is your favorite color or you've always wanted to be a part of the ocean, our Blue Lagoon mermaid tail and monofin set is the perfect choice for you or your mermaid in training. These realistic mermaid tails and fins allow you to swim like a real mermaid, as well as pose for perfectly set up pictures. This ethereal blue offers some touches of green, offering the most perfect shimmer that makes this one of the best sets on the market. Our Blue Lagoon set is a best-seller because of the realistic tail and included monofin. Purchasing both the tail and monofin together allows you to save money. Choose your size tail and we'll provide the right size monofin.

  • New Mer-Shield Coating protects mermaid tails from wear and holes.
  • 1-Year Warranty – free replacements for rips, tears, and breaks.
  • Superior design, comfort, and control have earned our monofins two patents.
  • Super-fast shipping and excellent customer service from a USA company.
  • Child sizes M - XL will come with a Keiki sized fin.
  • Teen/adult sizes JS - JL will come with a Nunui sized fin.

Monofin included


Blue Lagoon

Comfort and Quality

Our realistic scale mermaid tails are made from 80% polyester, 20% Elastane (spandex) material with 4 way stretch. The swimsuit material is very comfortable and works well for swimming, or as a mermaid costume.  

Size Chart Fabric and care instructions

Who We Are

Sun Tail Mermaid is an American company that makes the best mermaid tails for swimming - how fun is that? What started out as a Kickstarter product is now a multi-family business. Our products are built to last, comfortable to use, and we have the best prices around. Here are our store policies.


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Hi guys I bought this mermaid tail because it was my dream to be a mermaid so I got it today and I’m SOOOO impressed this mermaid tail is so so stunning 🤩 and very strong I’m going to be to be using this mermaid tail every single day and I love it so much and I think it’s perfect ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


this tail is a vary good tail and its vary beautiful

Thank you. So glad you like your tail. We strive to make the best mermaid tails for swimming in the world.

Little Bit Different

I love how the scaled on this tail are a little different then those of the dragon tail. I must say the green is a little bit more prominent in the tail when it's up close. The material is very well made and the fin has a little bit more stiffer design then my old tail. 5/5 definitely recommended!

Hannah Priddy
Best mermaid tail company

This is the 1st mermaid tail ive ever owned. I now have 2 tails and 1 on the way from suntail and wouldnt use any other company. Their customer service is amazing and responds very quickly. I wouldnt reccomend any other tail company to anyone looking for a first tail. They are safe, comfortable, durable. And most of all very pretty.
My only issue with this tail was it seemed to be a little see through but thats probably because i needed to size up. Suntail mermaid is a great company and im glad i have tails from them

Jordan Freer
Would Give 100/5 Stars!

I received my SunTail Mermaid Blue Lagoon Tail for Christmas, and it was an amazing gift! As soon as I opened it, I was stunned by the color depth of the scales on the tail and the beautiful fluke, as well as the size of the monofin! The tail is so beautiful and impressive that photos don't do it justice. The monofin is huge and feels very stiff, which is a good thing (propelling well), but is much more flexible in the water, as well as being very powerful.
I put the tailskin on the monofin a few times to show family members and to admire it myself, but afterwards noticed that seams at the corners of the fluke were coming out. It was fine for the first swim, but did begin to unravel more progressively. I contacted SunTails and was received with kindness and the utmost helpfulness. I was so impressed with their customer service, they immediately offered to ship a new tail and a return address label for the old one. It was incredible how helpful, receptive, and kind they were.
All in all, both the tail and the company are incredible. If I had more space in the review, I would rave on and on about SunTails. The tail is colorful, beautiful, and has wonderful realism and depth. The fluke is large, sturdy, bright, durable, and powerful. The people of SunTail Mermaid are so amazingly helpful, kind, caring, and completely above and beyond what is normal. Thank you so much, SunTail Mermaid for making my mermaid experience amazing, hassle-free, and absolutely incredible!