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Aurora Borealis Mermaid Tail + Monofin Set

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There is nothing as magical as a beautiful Aurora Borealis mermaid tail and monofin set. If you're debating the perfect color for your mermaid look, look no further! This colorful option features realistic scales and tail, and with the attached monofin, you can even swim like a mermaid under the sea. Our Aurora Borealis mermaid sets allow you to get a discount by ordering your mermaid tail and fin together. Just pick which color fin you want and we will provide the right size. 

  • New Mer-Shield Coating protects mermaid tails from wear and holes.
  • 1-Year Warranty – free replacements for rips, tears, and breaks.
  • Superior design, comfort, and control have earned our monofins two patents.
  • Super-fast shipping and excellent customer service from a USA company.
  • Child sizes M - XL will come with a Keiki sized fin.
  • Teen/adult sizes JS - JL will come with a Nunui sized fin.

Monofin included


Aurora Borealis is a mermaid tail design inspired by the Northern Lights. With pretty pastels, it matches our lavender and pink monofins.

Comfort and Quality

Our realistic scale mermaid tails are made from 80% polyester, 20% Elastane (spandex) material with 4 way stretch. The swimsuit material is very comfortable and works well for swimming, or as a mermaid costume.  

Size Chart Fabric and care instructions

Who We Are

Sun Tail Mermaid is an American company that makes the best mermaid tails for swimming - how fun is that? What started out as a Kickstarter product is now a multi-family business. Our products are built to last, comfortable to use, and we have the best prices around. Here are our store policies.



Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
keeley maples
5 Stars

these are amazing practical tails that work well for something so cheap

5 stars

It's a wonderful tail.I LOVED it!


I haven't even gotten the tail yet but I'm OBSESSED with all of the tails!! Great quality!! I especially love the Aurora Borealis! Check it out!

Madison Humphrey
I want it SO badly!!

The style of the tail is super artistic and very beautifully unique!I love how the colors and design give the tail a "realistic look"
Also,the tail is only under 100.00?Now that's worth it!
I REALLY hope I will be able to get this on my birthday!!


I got my Aurura Borealis tail about a month ago and I love it with all my heart❤️. When it showed up I almost immediately opened the box, sat down on the couch and put it on. The protective stickers came off after about 15 minutes in the pool even though I let them cure overnight. When I went swimming in it at a pupblic pool all the little girls were poking there head underwater to see me swim! I thought it was super cute. The monofin is a bit heavy but after a while you get the perfect technique so that it basically just drags behind you. Mine said it was going to come with a free surprise sparkle tail, but when it didn't come we called the customer service line and they were happy to send us one (they also forgot the swimsuit but I'm not allowed to wear bikinis anyway so I didn't care) 2 days later it showed up in my door step ( I got purple!!!💜💜💜) . Overall I'd like to say that this really is the best tail ever. Thank you Suntails.