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Is A Comfortable, Durable Mermaid Monofin Too Much To Ask?

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We say no!  

My kids and their cousins and friends were sick and tired of mermaid monofins breaking, cracking, or causing blisters.  So we set out to create a better one.

stand on the tips of our mermaid monofin!Our patent-pending mermaid monofin is super durable.  You can bounce on the tips in the water, you can use it to push off the sides of the pool, you can hop around in it*, even jump off the diving board with it*!

*We're pretty darn sure our monofins won't break but you can!  Please be careful, and don't use without adult supervision.

In addition to being really sturdy, it's comfortable to wear!  Your feet won't slide around inside on slippery plastic; instead they're comfortably encased and separated in soft, stretchy, individual foot pockets.  The inside of the foot pocket is made of mesh, so the whole thing drains well and dries fast.  You can also take the foot pockets off using simple velcro closures, this allows you to rinse it, dry it more quickly, or even change the fin to match your tail. 

Because, yup!  Our monofins come in a fun array of colors, with more to come!

We can only give you a sneak peek right now, we've got over a thousand of these in stock and ready to ship, but we're going to launch our grand opening with a Kickstarter.  Sign up for our newsletter to get more information and get in on the super hot deals we have for early bird backers.

our mermaid monofins are engineered to be durable

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  • Love your mermaid tail quality! Well done.

    laura on

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