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What is the Best Mermaid Tail for Swimming?

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There are many companies that sell mermaid tails but how do you know which mermaid tail is the best for swimming? There are two main components of a mermaid tail: the fabric tail and the monofin. The key to how effective a mermaid tail is for swimming is the monofin. What is a monofin? A monofin is a single swimfin that attaches to both feet. When evaluating a monofin, you will want to look at the propulsion, control, comfort, and durability of the product.


The swimming technique used when wearing a monofin is called the dolphin or mermaid kick. Most monofins that are sold on the market today with mermaid tails provide little propulsion. A well-designed monofin will be capable of generating a large amount of thrust, even when using slow or small upward and downward movements in the water. The Sun Tail Mermaid monofin, was specifically designed for swimming and provides the most propulsion of all the monofins on the market.

There are many swim schools throughout the world that offer classes to teach children how to swim like a mermaid. The Mermaid Academy in Orlando, Florida is one of many swim schools that use the Sun Tail Mermaid mermaid tails and monofins because they believe they are a superior product for swimming. Although the Mermaid Academy recommends that participants use the Sun Tail Mermaid tails in their classes, they allow participants to bring their own mermaid tail and monofin if they wish.

We recently received this note from the founder of The Mermaid Academy after a participant used the Fin Fun tail and monofin during his class: “I had a girl in a class the other day and she had a Fin Fun tail with their bigger monofin. This girl was 13 and the Fin Fun monofin barely moved her through the water. I was shocked! We do an event every year with radio and TV personalities to promote our mermaid swim classes. It’s a pretty fun time as about 70% of the radio and TV folks are middle aged men. You can imagine how funny it is to watch them swim as mermaids. Anyway, this year one of the guys was about 6’6” and was very big—the Sun Tail Mermaid monofin powered him through the water.”


Mermaiding (the art of swimming in a mermaid tail) is done as a hobby and as a profession. (Yes, you can actually make a living as a mermaid!) Professional mermaids are often asked to perform at aquariums and birthday parties. Many professional mermaids choose Sun Tail Mermaid monofins and tails because of their realistic look and superior control. The Sun Tails monofin comes with Velcro straps that you can tighten to hold your feet securely in place, providing more control in the water. Because of this, the Sun Tails monofin is the best for doing underwater mermaid tricks, such as flips and turns.


There are two main ways that a monofin attaches to the feet. The first design provides a plastic strap that holds your feet in place from behind. Monofins with a plastic strap often lead to blisters, though. The other common monofin type has a neoprene foot pocket that you slip your feet into. The neoprene foot pocket is the superior design for comfort, and the Sun Tail Mermaid design is the most comfortable of the all the monofins with a neoprene foot pocket.


With the rise in popularity of mermaid tails, many companies have started selling mermaid tails and monofins that cost less but are a poor quality product. These mermaid tails wear out quickly and the monofins break. We have had many customer tells us that the less expensive mermaid tails they purchased on Amazon turned out to be more expensive for them in the long run because these products either didn’t last or didn’t work well for swimming so they ended up being a waste of money. They initially hoped to save money but ended up with a mermaid tail that was not good for swimming. The Sun Tails mermaid tails are made to last. Our monofins cost more to make then other monofins on the market because of our superior materials, design and engineering.

So what is the best mermaid tail for swimming? While there are many mermaid tails that may be a good option for dress up, photography or hanging out in the pool, when it comes to swimming, the mermaid tails and monofins made by Sun Tail Mermaid are the best on the market.

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