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Where are Monofins Made? How Do You Make a Monofin?

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We are proud to say that our mermaid monofins are made in the USA. When you purchase from Sun Tail Mermaid, you are supporting hard working families in the United States of America. Our warehouse/manufacturing building is located in the small town of Ucon in Southeast Idaho. Your purchase from Sun Tail Mermaid creates jobs for people in our community. These jobs include the workers who run the injection molding machines to create the plastic fin portion of the monofin. The other portion of the monofin is called the foot pocket. It take many pieces of various materials to create a foot pocket. Each of these pieces is cut to shape by various workers and sewed together by talented seamstresses. From start to finish, our mermaid monofins are made in Idaho by talented and dedicated individuals committed to excellence. We are so confident in the quality and durability of our products, that we offer a 1-year warranty with free replacements for rips, tears, and breaks. Many of the monofins for sale come with no warranty. When you buy from Sun Tail Mermaid, you know you are buying the best. You are also supporting American jobs. Thank you for buying American!!

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