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How do Mermaids Swim? How Do You Swim like a Mermaid? What is a Monofin?

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How do mermaids swim? Mermaids have a swimming motion similar to a dolphin. Mermaids and dolphins both have a large single fin at the end of their tail that is used to propel them through the water. Mermaids move their large tail fin up and down in the water with a full-body wave motion to create momentum and speed. Mermaid are able to swim circles around other ocean creatures by using their powerful tails also known as flukes. The mermaid fluke is essentially a beautiful wing in the water. The mermaid fluke generates lift on both the downward and upward motion to propel the mermaid forward.

How do you swim like a mermaid? Humans typically get swimming propulsion from what is called the flutter kick. The legs move alternately, with one leg kicking upward while the other leg moves downward. To swim as a mermaid, you will use a much different swimming motion called a dolphin kick or what we like to call the mermaid kick. This motion is done with your feet and legs together. The body moves in a wave-like fashion, controlled by the core. As the hips go up the chest is pressed down. As the hips go down, the chest is press up. The legs and feet are keep together and move up and down in a fluid motion.

To swim effectively as a mermaid, you will need a monofin. What is a monofin? A monofin is a single swimming fin that attaches to both feet. Monofins provide great propulsion for the amount of energy required. To achieve the best propulsion, the monofin must fit securely to the feet. The SunTails monofin has adjustable Velcro straps to hold the monofin securely to your feet. This minimizes foot slippage to ensure the maximum transfer of power from the swimmer to the fin. With your feet securely attached together in a monofin, you will quickly see how mermaids swim with ease, grace, and speed in the water.

How do I practicing swimming like a mermaid? A good way to begin learning to swim like a mermaid is to hold onto the edge of a swimming pool. While holding onto the pool’s edge, practice the mermaid kick by moving your hips and core up and down with your legs and feet together.

Next you can take a pool noodle under your arm pits and begin practicing moving yourself forward in the water with the dolphin/mermaid kick.

Once you are comfortable doing the mermaid wave kick motion while holding onto the side of the pool and with a flotation noodle, you can try doing the mermaid swimming motion underwater. The best way to start underwater is next to a wall so you can get a good push from the wall. After you push from the wall underwater, practice making the mermaid swimming motion to propel yourself forward. You will do this by moving your chest, core, hips, and legs in a wave like a caterpillar to create an up and down swimming kick with the legs and feet tightly together.

If you want to maximize your speed in the water, you can create a streamlined swimming position. You do this by clasping your hand together in front your body with your arms extended and against the sides of your head. This position minimizes drag and helps you cut through the water.

You can practice each of these motions, with or without a monofin. As with any new skill, it takes practice. The more you practice the easier the mermaid/dolphin kick will become. The muscles used for the highly effective mermaid/dolphin kick are very different than those used during other swimming techniques. Swimming as a mermaid relies heavily on abdominal and back muscles. It will take some time and practice to develop the strength and coordination of these muscles. However, after a little practice, you with be swimming with the ease, grace, and speed as a magical mermaid.

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  • we LOVE your tails and monofins!!!!! it helpd us alot to swim, we have had a set and it lasted us 3 years!!!!thank you

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  • Um, I’ll get a chance to swim like a mermaid after I learn how to swim in real life, but thx for the tutorial, lol! 👍😂

    E S on

  • well I have the mermaid tail but i don’t have the Monofin XD

    Elle Liu on

  • Thanks this helped me

    Gigigogo on

  • I really want to swim like a mermaid

    Hunter Nicole Henderson on

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