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Last Day Of Our Mermaid Monofin Fundraiser

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If you've been thinking about backing us on Kickstarter, today is your last chance!  Mermaid tails and monofins at pretty awesome prices until 8:30pm MST tonight!

Mermaid Monofin Kickstarter

We are sooo close to the finish line; we've raised over $12,000!  Our kids are in awe, and say they feel really rich.  Ha, ha!  12K sounds like a lot of money until you look at how far it needs to stretch.

80% of the funds will pay for the mold for the larger fin.  The rest will go towards manufacturing the actual plastic fin part for the larger monofins.  We'll have the new mermaid tails produced with out of pocket funds. 

In-stock Kid-Sized Monofins To Ship Soon:

The part we've been waiting for has finally arrived!  That means we'll be able to kit the kid-sized monofins together and begin shipping them early next week.  Hooray!  Tons have been pre-ordered already, and we know they'll fly off the shelves once they're available to ship.

Sun Tail Monofin Brand Names:

Check out the branding we've done for the kid-sized and teen/adult mermaid monofins.  These logos will be on the neoprene foot pocket of both the small (kid sized) and large (teen/adult sized) monofins:

Adult and Child Monofin Branding

Keiki means "small / child" in Hawaiian, and Nunui (pronounced Noo-noo-ee) means "large / big" in Hawaiian.  Pretty cute, right?  

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