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Monofins Are In Stock!

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After two solid days of processing, we have the Keiko (kid sized) monofins in stock and ready to ship!  The team assembled the foot pockets and straps, applied the 'patent pending' stickers, folded thousands of monofin instruction and care guides and now they're being shelved at the shipping center.

Mermaid Monofins In Stock

Pre-ordered monofins will ship first, and after that they'll ship lickity split with any new orders.  Hooray!

Surprise Mermaid Monofin Discount:

We were a little bummed out to discover that a lot of the green monofins had irregular coloring.  But we cheered up when we saw how cool our kids thought they were - of all the monofins to choose from, Mermaid Sophie and Mermaid Jane (who star in our videos) chose splotchy green monofins, deeming them the 'coolest of all.'

Regardless, a splotchy coloring was not what we intended, so I've discounted the green monofins a few dollars in the online store.  You might find your kids think they're the coolest, but why not save a few bucks?  We'll be sure to correct the color in future production runs.

Here's a photo so you can see what I mean -- every green monofin is different. It would have been too labor intensive to sort them so it'll be a bit of a surprise when you order!

Green monofins are discounted!

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