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Mermaid Tail Fabric Samples Have Arrived!

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Our first test run of mermaid fabric samples have arrived, and it feels like Christmas over here, y'all. As careful as we are to follow all the needed fabric design guidelines in our design software, it's always a surprise to see what they look like once they're printed on fabric. Let's take a look, shall we? (crappy phone photo warning)

Mermaid Tail Fabric Samples

Well, first off, SQUEE! Fabric design is my most favorite kind of design work to do, and it is SO satisfying to see it and hold it and feel it in your hands. Such fun, you guys.

Okay, now critically: I'm pleased with the vibrancy and saturation of the colors, but we've lost a little bit of our 3-D "pop" effect, and some of the colors (see the purple in the rainbow) are too dark, while the lime greens and aquas are washed out.

But, this sort of thing is to be expected -- especially on our very first test run. So I'll be making some tweaks... quite a few actually, and we'll send off the design files for another test print. I won't go into production on new mermaid tails in these fabrics until I'm totally satisfied and happy with the designs. #perfectionist #ican'thelpit

In other mermaid tail fabric news, we all love that sparkle, don't we? It's such a shame that it fades and falls off so quickly. My fabric manufacturer sent me a couple of new designs that have a new way of applying the sparkle so that it's more durable. He warns me it will still rub off eventually but I'm going to test them out and see what we think.

They sure are pretty:

sparkle mermaid tail fabric 

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