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Turquoise And Purple Mermaid Tails Are Back In Stock

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Mermaid tails are restocked in purple and turquoise! Hooray!

 Sparkle Mermaid Tails by Suntails


I dropped off the tails to our shipping center yesterday, and the speedy folks there got the purple mermaid tails and turquoise mermaid tails re-stocked lickity split.

Check out the photo I posted on Instagram.  I didn't realize my filter made it look like I was dropping of pink tails!  It even made the turquoise look funky.  Oops!  Pinkie promise we're stocking the exact same colors you see in the product photo above.


Sparkle Mermaid Tail Fabric


I am really low on matching tankini sets, and I won't be having more made until we get our new fabrics in, so stock up on them while you can.  They have a wonderful sporty fit that is really comfy and girls just love how nothing rides up or chafes.

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