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New Mermaid Costume Size Charts, Hurrah!

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I finally got prettier size charts made for the mermaid tails. AND they pop up all awesome like on each mermaid tail page. Sweet, right?

Mermaid Tail Size Chart

When you check out a mermaid tail on our site, you'll see a little yellow 'size chart' ruler above the section where you choose which size you want.  Click the yellow ruler and this mermaid costume size chart will pop up for you.  Handy as pie.  Check out the screenshot:

I know I likely need to add sizing and measurements for other countries... it's on my list. :)

Let me know if it's clear, especially the 'how to measure' for your mermaid costume section.  People get confused on whether to measure straight across the waist or all the way around. 

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  • My daughters measurements are..
    Waiste 40inches
    Hips 41 inches
    Waiste to floor is 37 inches
    What size tail should I purchase?

    Andrea Johnson on

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