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Mermaid Clothing is Here!!

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We are so in love with our new Mermaid leggings! Now everyone can still be a Mermaid even when out of the water! Plus, we have both child and adult sizes, so no one gets left out! We also have soft, comfy Sun Tails T-shirts to go along with them.

mermaid clothing

Right now, the leggings are in 4 of our most popular tail designs and they are print to order, so they take longer to ship. Since we are impatient people who don't like to wait for things like awesome Mermaid leggings, we are having our own produced and they will be in stock soon! (Plus, at a lower price point, which we can all love!)

mermaid t-shirt

mermaid toddler leggings

mermaid leggings

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