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Back to School Mermaid Style!

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Do you have a Mermaid who is finding it hard to get out of the water and back into School? We've got some fun Back-to-School ideas for Mermaid lovers to make that transition a little easier!

This Olive Kids Mermaid Backpack would be great for new land-based adventures!

Also, this double-sided lunchbox is perfect for aspiring Mermaids!

Don't forget the socks and underwear! Every new school year brings them, so why go with boring when you can Mermaid??

And for everyday use in the classroom, check out these fun Mermaid pencils!

Wanting more inspiration? Check out this Buzzfeed list!

What fun Mermaid themes have you incorporated for Back-to-School! Share your pics and tag us: #SunTailMermaid Have a Mer-Tastic School year!!


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