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Mermaid Photos!!

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We had so many wonderful photos sent to us in our Facebook Photo contest that we wanted to highlight some of them here! The photos may all be different, but the smiles are all the same!

In case you didn't know about our Facebook Contest, here is how it works: In order to qualify, you first need to make a public post on Facebook. This part is important. Most people have privacy settings for who can see their posts. This post needs to be public, not just something that can only be seen by family and friends. Your public post should have a picture of you or a family member or friend wearing a Sun Tail Mermaid Tail and you need to include our website IN the post, not as a comment. You can use or, either one will work!

(FYI, please remember that these pictures belong to our customers and they may not be copied and used. Thank you!)

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