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DIY Silicone Reinforced Protector Tips for your Mermaid Tails!

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Frustrated with the limitations of protector stickers? Want a more permanent* solution for protecting your mermaid tail? Sun Tail Mermaid has been working on a coated protective covering for our mermaid tails for well over a year.

We've sent out many samples to testers and retailers and our silicone tips have been in the public domain as we did NOT want to keep this technology to ourselves (we have dated and documented proof of our LONG work on this project).  Frayed and damaged tips is a BIG problem in the fabric mermaid tail industry and we know that protecting these areas will benefit the entire community. We didn't see any reason to keep this to ourselves!  Yay!  More fun for all mermaids :)

Our partner at The Mermaid Academy in Florida has been renting silicone-coated tails at his amazing mermaid schools since last summer.  Joe demonstrates in this video how you can EASILY apply it yourself. This method protects his HIGH USE rental tails and helps keep them in working order. For personal use, we imagine this method will help your tail last through an entire summer season if not more! Plus, you can reapply the silicone as needed! One tester likes to apply our FREE protector tip stickers to the inside of the mermaid tail before applying the silicone for double the protection.


  • Don't forget to use your neoprene bumper pads in addition to the silicone tips.
  • Nothing will make your tail indestructible, so you still need to be careful not to hop or drag your tail on rough surfaces if you can, but this method will help a LOT!

We have been testing and improving the application of the silicone on the tips for maximum protection and durability. Until we apply silicone to all of our tail tips, you can use this DIY method on your Sun Tail Mermaid tails or *any* other fabric mermaid tail you may already own.  No need to buy an expensive new mermaid tail --protect and love what you already have! Or, apply it to new tails that don't yet have protector tips professionally applied. 

Until we have silicone applied to all of our tail tips, we include with every mermaid tail bundle (fabric tail and monofin) a free set of waterproof stickers to protect the tips of your mermaid tail. You can see how the stickers work here.

*No fabric mermaid tail lasts forever, but the silicone helps increase its life span!


1. Start with your monofin inserted into the tail skin.
2. Start on the back of the tail
3. Use all purpose CLEAR silicone available at any home improvement store. Note: you can get the kind in a squeeze-tube or the kind we use in the video that requires a caulking gun.
4. Use a clean, inexpensive paint brush
5. Protect your work surface with cardboard or kraft paper.
6. Squeeze silicone onto tail tip.
7. Squeeze silicone along seam.
8. Smooth silicone with brush.
9. Spread silicone around edges.
10. Repeat steps 6 - 9 on the other tail tip.
11. Squeeze silicone onto landing area
12. Smooth silicone with the paint brush.
13. Allow to dry 30 minutes (may take less time if your temperatures are hot.)
14. Turn the tail over and repeat steps 6 - 9 on the front of the tail tips.
15. Allow the front to dry 30 minutes. All done!

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  • Thank you for posting this! I’m going to try this when I get home!

    Mara on

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