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Sparkle Tail Last Chance Clearance Sale!!

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We are discontinuing our Sparkle Mermaid Tails and giving our customers an awesome deal!! You can get a sparkle tail for only $19.95!! We have multiple color options, including pink, turquoise, red, purple, green, lime green, orange, blue and rainbow! Perfect for photo shoots, birthday parties, and dress up!

sparkle tail

pink sparkle tail

We also have a fabulous special in our Sparkle Tail Sets that come with a Monofin! You can get a set starting at only $69.95! We have both Child and Teen/Adult sizes and the set will come with our Protector Tips and stickers.

turquoise sparkle tail

rainbow sparkle tail

We are so excited to see Sparkle Mermaids everywhere this summer! Post a public pic on Facebook with our website on it and you could win a free Tail and matching Bikini!

(Please note that our sparkles will wear off over time, especially if rubbed on rough surfaces! The sparkles are not under warranty.)


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