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Summer Sale - Get Your Mermaid Tail!

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Our shipping department is settled in their new digs and we are ready to help you make a big splash this summer! This week only, get 10% off our entire stock of mermaid tails and monofins with free shipping to the U.S.!


User coupon code: Q82FSGHAADN - hurry, it expires June 11, 2016.

Insider tip: You may qualify for a rebate on your mermaid tail and monofin purchase through Sun Tail Mermaid! Send us photos of your mermaid in their Sun Tails mermaid tail products and you could receive cash back on your purchase.

To qualify, make sure your photos are clear, large format, and show your happy mermaid wearing our products clearly. Here are some examples:

Mermaid Kid
Mermaid Kid

Mermaid Toddlers
Photo taking tips:

  • Outside is usually best! The lighting is better than indoors.
  • We love underwater photos that are clear and show happy mermaids in our tails and monofins :)
  • Make sure the mermaid tail is easy to see - people shopping for mermaid tails want to see the products on and in use!
  • Send us high-resolution photos - we can't use tiny pictures from certain cell phones.
  • Watch your backgrounds - the top photo would be even better if it didn't have stray objects strewn about on the floor beyond :)

Send your photos to: with the subject line: "Photo submissions for rebate"

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