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Professional Mermaid From Belize Reviews Sun Tail Mermaid In The Open Ocean

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We are lucky enough at Sun Tail Mermaid to work with some AMAZING professional mermaids. Corabelle from Sparkling City Mermaids has been just one of these incredible individuals. She sent in this amazing review after using our products in the open ocean.

Professional Mermaid Corabelle

"Earlier this year I took a magical trip to a remote island off the coast
of Belize. I traveled to Caye Caulker in February to participate in the
first annual Sirenalia Mermaid Retreat for fun in the sun, professional
underwater photo shoots with Flashpool Productions and more. The purpose
was part vacation, part missionary work. I and other mermaids
attending the retreat helped raise funds for the island's only school: The
Caye Caulker Ocean Academy.

I have been a professional mermaid for three years and founded my own
unique mermaid entertainment business, Sparkling City Mermaids in Corpus
Christi, Texas. Throughout my search for the perfect mermaid tails for my
performers, I came upon Sun Tail Mermaid tails through Kickstarter. I saw
their vision and made the choice to support them as a financial backer so
they could bring their project to life. Fortunately, I wasn't the only one
who believed in their product. As a reward for reaching their goal, and as
a gesture of gratitude, the company sent me my Aurora Borealis tail shortly
before my birthday in January. I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the
package.. the color-scheme was exquisite and the monofin was nothing like
I'd ever seen.

I have worn many cloth mermaid tails by different makers on the market. I
have experience swimming in both cloth and silicone mermaid tails. I have
to say I was very impressed with this mermaid tail for a variety of
reasons. The design is so uniquely spectacular. I have received so many
compliments on the aesthetic appeal alone. I was also impressed by the
monofin; I have yet to see another monofin like this.. anywhere. The
material is durable, and the snugness you feel from being able to use
velcro straps is so helpful for a tight, yet comfortable fit. The opening
on the bottom is paramount for safety reasons, so I am pleased with this
feature. If you need to get out of the tail in an emergency, it's very easy
to remove. This is a huge reason why I felt comfortable swimming in this
tail in the open ocean. As a freediver, you are diving to extreme depths
off of a single breath of air: safety is paramount and you have to be able
to trust in your swimming abilities and the quality of your equipment. I
swam against some very strong currents in their product and was not
disappointed. I was shocked to be honest, as I have attempted to use other
cloth tails before and found they just weren't made for ocean swimming.
Because of this, I made the decision to never wear one in the ocean because
I just didn't feel safe. They didn't provide me with enough propulsion to
cut through strong waves or lacked the ability to give me the sense of
control I needed.

I found the tail to be very easy to use, and easy on the eyes. It not only
photographs beautifully, (the seams are difficult to see because of the
speckles on the tail- which sets it apart from many other leading brands)
it also enables the wear an extreme amount of agility beneath the surface.
This is perfect for training and performing underwater stunts and tricks. I
freedived in depths of 14 feet near It was a no-brainer. It's effective in
swimming pools and the open ocean. I was going to use the Sun Tail brand
for all my aquatic performers. I am very happy with their one-of-a-kind
monofin, and I'm looking forward to seeing future designs and improvements.
10/10.. would swim in imagination again!"

-Mermaid Corabelle, Professional Mermaid & owner of Sparkling City Mermaids-

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