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Mermaid Cosplay Tips

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Dressing up either for Halloween or for cosplay can be a lot of fun. Whether you are channeling a specific character from a show or movie or you are just dressing up as a mythical being, you'll need a few things to have the best costume out there. We have some mermaid cosplay tips to help you look the part of the most beautiful or terrifying mermaid out there, depending on what look you are going for.

Mermaid Cosplay Tips:
  • Use a real mermaid tail. That's right, you'll want a quality mermaid tail for your cosplay activities, especially since there are numerous competitions that can be entered, and our realistic mermaid tails are sure to please. Whether you are going for a bright and beautiful mermaid that is sure to make a prince fall in love or you prefer a dark sea witch, we have options for both looks.
  • Practice makeup looks ahead of time. There's no doubt that waiting until the last minute to perfect your makeup can be a devastating blow to your look, especially if you are not super confident in your makeup artistry abilities. Take your time and practice different methods, even using fishnet tights to help create a nice scales look on your face with different colored powders and eye shadows.
  • Get real shells to adorn your costume. While there are some nice fake seashells out there, if you really want to go above and beyond, collect real shells from the beach to either put in your hair or put on your costume in different places. If you're a mermaid caught in a fishing net, make sure to get some fishing net to wrap around your tail to really sell the look.
  • Go without the monofin while walking. We know it's tempting to wear your monofin to really drive home the mermaid look, but they are meant for swimming not walking, and for safety, it really is best if you leave the monofin at home and just wear your mermaid tail without it, allowing your feet to be free for ease of walking.
  • Don't forget your sidekick! Every mermaid has a sidekick whether it be a shark or smaller fish, make sure you remember to bring that along.

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