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Mermaid Body Art

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With the rising popularity in all things Mermaid, there has been an upswing in Body Art featuring our favorite mythical creatures. Not that this is brand new. Gary Cooper sported a Mermaid arm tattoo in the 1930's.
Merman Tatoo

Current styles range from stylized and colorful:
Merman Tatoo

To a simple line drawing:

Mermaid Tatto

Of course, if you're looking for something a little less permanent, there are lots of fun temporary tattoos to add to your mermaid experience. These are great for a younger girl's birthday party or costume:

Kid Mermaid Temporary Tatoo

And if you're looking for something to spice up a Mermaid photo shoot or Cosplay, we like these metallic armbands:

Mermaid temporary tattoo armband

Are you looking for inspiration for your own Mermaid Body Art? Try checking out our Designer Tails at SunTailMermaid.Com! Do you have a permanent or temporary Body Art that you love for your Mermaid Cosplay or Photo Shoots? Send us a pic!

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