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Mermaid Dolls To The Rescue!

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Don't you just love when you can do something good and get something good at the same time?? Well, we have a great win-win scenario for you today! There is a fabulous company called Cuddle + Kind that sells ADORABLE hand-knit dolls. And for each doll you buy, they provide a meal for 10 children who are in need! How wonderful is that!

The company's philosophy can be summed up in this video:

The Dolls come in a small or large size and in different skin tones, which we love! And right now they have a special going on, when you buy 2 Dolls, you get 2 Prints Free plus Free Shipping AND you will have fed 30 children!! Their giving policy states:

With every cuddle+kind purchase, we provide meals to children in need through our established Giving Partners. We believe in transparency, so we always tell you exactly how many meals your purchase is providing. Once you make your purchase, we work directly with these organizations to provide the meals we’ve committed to give.

The colors on both Mermaid Dolls go great with our new Siren Green Tail, don't you think?

Sea Green Mermaid Tail

So send us a picture with your tail and your Mermaid Doll, so we can say a big THANK YOU for fighting hunger!

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