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SunTail Mermaid Q&A

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Question: (From our support inbox): "Why don't you guys have a bunch of cartoon mermaid characters?"

Answer: For a few reasons. The first is that we did not want to create a bunch of tiny-waisted, big-busted mermaid characters to make girls, teens, and women feel less than or othered. We all come in different shapes and sizes and we think you are all beautiful. The second is that we are parents too, and the last thing we need in our lives is another merchandising ploy covered in Disney-like princesses. (Nothing against Disney! Ariel will always hold a special place in our hearts!) We sat on this question and answer for quite a while as we didn't want to seem as though we were bashing other companies who use such images in their marketing and websites. Lots of kids LOVE this kind of merchandising, so we get it! We just personally chose not to go this route. We were careful when designing our mermaid logo and our other mermaid images to make them a little thicker, a little less Barbie and a little more round and chibi. :)

Question: (from our ticket system): "Why are all your mermaid models white?"

Answer: We do wish that we had more diversity in our models (to keep costs low, we utilize our own children, nieces, and cousins to model our tails. We pass this savings onto our customers). As we continue to grow, we hope to expand our ability to utilize a greater variety of models. Our original model, Tayjah is a beautiful girl of mixed heritage and we hope to be able to connect with her busy schedule soon to model our coming-soon bikinis and tankinis for us. Meanwhile, we make sure to publish any customer images that celebrate the beauty of all the many shapes and colors we come in!

Question: "Will you be expanding your mermaid tails for plus sized "fluffy" mers?"

Answer: Yes!! We've been collecting requests and have enough interest to make this a go! We hope to have new mermaid tail sizes in stock by the holidays. Yay!

We found this adorable mermaid image  - we love that she is a beautiful brown mermaid with a realistic body shape. She'd look adorable on any wall and we thought she'd approve of our little Q&A today :) Happy swimming everyone!

Mermaid Image

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  • Was wondering if you guys will be making plus size mermaid tails. I’m a size 20. And just at the cusps of not fitting this largest size.

    Ciel on

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