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Mermaid School!

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Did you know that there are Mermaid Schools?? You can sign up to take classes and learn how to swim with a monofin and tail! One of these Mermaid Schools, Swiss Mermaids Swim School, is in Switzerland and carries Sun Tail Mermaid Monofins and Tails!
Kids colorful mermaid tails

Those look like some happy Mermaids! In their swim school, you can take beginner to intermediate classes and even learn how to do synchronized Mermaid swimming (soooo cool!) in their emblem course!

Under water mermaid kids

And they will even come to your house or choice of location and put on an unbelievable Birthday Party!
Kid birthday party

The Swiss Mermaids Swim School said, "Because of the positive feedback from our big and little customers, we have definitely switched by the beginning of May to the new monofins. The two models are called KEIKI and NUNUI and are very popular."

We couldn't be happier that SunTail Mermaid is a part of Meerjungfrauen Schwimmschule! Mermaids are a big hit all around the globe!

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