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Gasparilla Pirate Fest!

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Each year, the world's only fully-rigged pirate ship, the Jose Gasparilla, comes into Hillsborough Bay for the re-enactment of the historic pirate invasion of Tampa, Florida. After the mayor "surrenders" the Key of the City of Tampa to the Gasparilla Flotilla, the jolly Krewe launches their victory celebration in the Parade of the Pirates down Bayshore Boulevard.

The parade is a magnificent site of over 90 floats, 14 marching bands, over 50 distinct pirate Krewes and the famous Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla. Lots of colorful swashbuckler costumes in both the parade and the watchers, plus festive music, vendors and fun food! This year's parade took place on January 28th.

Of course, what goes better with pirates and the open sea than Mermaids?! The event even selects their own Mermaid Queen! One of the floats featured was from the Ocean's Daughter Conservative Alliance. They have Mermaid Ambassadors that help spread awareness and education for Ocean Conservation. Their beautiful Mermaids waved to the crowds in their Sun Tail Mermaid Sea Monster Tails! Take a look!

We love all the ways that Mermaids are used to promote education and fun! You can see more pics of the Gasparilla Fest by searching #GasparillaTampa on social media. And as always, send us your pics and your stories! We love it! Be sure to tag us so we can check them out!


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