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Sun Tails Photo And Video Contest Winners!

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Our first place winner stole all of our hearts with her unadulterated joy in opening her first mermaid tail! Isn't she just the cutest?

Our kids were in stitches over the accidental burp -- joy and humor, always a good thing, right?

Mermaid Salone received a $100 gift card plus a complete set of Emily Windsnap books courtesy Liz Kessler's amazing publisher!

Our second place winner was this photo by Leah H. She and her sister are enjoying their Aurora Borealis and Blue Lagoon mermaid tails on the beach, aren't they sweet?

sun tail mermaid tails

Our honorable mentions included:

  • S'More Mermaids! They were so creative & we loved the funny ending to this video submission best: A Mermaid Potion that Works!
  • Sophia W. We loved her enthusiasm and creative photos! This was our favorite: Sophia's Photo
  • Diana Y. Her mermaids are so cute and happy, and we love the bright colors of our rainbow and royal blue Glimmer Mermaid Tails! Check it out here: Sweet Mermaids

We loved all the entries and it was so hard to pick winners! We appreciate everyone for participating!

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