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Planning a Mermaid Movie Watching Party

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Planning a Mermaid Movie Watching Party

While it's great to be out in the pool practicing mermaid skills each day, there comes a time when that just won't work. Luckily, there are other ways to get your mermaid fix, especially if you're searching for options for your merchild. Planning a mermaid movie watching party is the perfect way to let your kids get their mermaid fix, without needing to be out in the water in their mermaid tail.

No matter whether you are planning a mermaid movie watching party with the Disney classic The Little Mermaid or you are going with a non-animated version like Aquamarine these movies can be enjoyed by little ones of all ages and are perfect for a mermaid watching party. We've got the perfect tips for you to have a wonderful movie night.

  • Set up some under the sea decorations. You don't have to deck out the entire house for your movie watching party, but it adds a special touch if you add some underwater decorations to the living room or the room where the movie will be played. Using blue, greens, and purple streamers can help set the tone, as well as artistically placing fish nets seashells around a room.
  • Make sure your seating is set! For an extra magical mermaid movie watching party, if you have the means, set up the movie on your outdoor tv, and have your little mermaids get in their pool floats to float in the water during the showing. If you are keeping your mermaids on dry land for the showing, add some blue and green and purple colored pillows, blankets, and even some fish stuffed animals to help them snuggle up and enjoy the show.
  • Have the right snacks. You'll need some mermaid snacks to go along with the show. Popcorn is a classic, add a mermaid twist by adding in sprinkles and some colored melted chocolate. Goldfish are a delicious snack, and colored licorice can be great for seaweed. Don't forget the ocean water punch for everyone to enjoy with their snacks!
  • Enjoy the movie! Let your little ones snuggle up or float away and enjoy going under the sea and joining their favorite mermaids on adventures.

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