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Mermaid Pool Games

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 Mermaid Pool Games

Swimming in a real mermaid tail is super exciting in itself, but to take that experience up another notch, mermaid pool games are a must. We know how active and adventurous mermaids can be, so it's important that they have several game options to choose from, especially when there is a group of mermaids gathered together for an afternoon in the sun. Check out our list of mermaid pool games to take your mermaid experience to the next level!

  • Sharks and Mermaids. This is a fun game for larger groups. Divide into two teams, sharks and mermaids. For the mermaids, assign each one a color for a dive ring. Throw the dive rings in at random, and when the adult says go, the mermaids can dive in and retrieve her dive rings from the bottom. The sharks are allowed to move the rings, block, and even take rings from mermaids, doing their best to mess with them getting the rings quickly. The first mermaid to make it past the sharks and return with her ring wins.
  • Musical floats. This is a fun mermaid twist on musical chairs. Take floating rings or floats, and have one less than the amount of kids for each round. Play some mermaid music, and have the mermaids swim all around the pool. When the music stops, the mermaids need to find their closest float and jump on it to claim it. The player who can't get to a float or get on one is out. Continue the game until the last float is claimed by the winner.
  • Treasure hunts. Have buried treasure sunk at the bottom of the deep end of the pool and have your mermaids dive to retrieve the treasure. Whoever can get the most treasure in one dive wins!
  • Mermaid relay races. Have your mermaids split up into two even teams. In the middle of the pool, an adult should hold two hula hoops, one on each side. The goal is to have one team member at a time swim through the hula hoops, flip, and then swim back through the hoop and back to their team fastest. Once at the end of the pool, the mermaid will tag the next player in who does the same thing. May the fastest team of mermaids win!
  • Mermaid races. If you don't have hula hoops, stick with a standard mermaid race and have your kids swim from one end to the other. The one who swims the fastest wins.

These mermaid pool games are a fun way to have your kids play in their tails, while exploring all the possibilities of being a mermaid.

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