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Fabric Behind Sun Tail Mermaid Tails

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Fabric Behind Sun Tail Mermaid Tails

Have you ever gazed at your dazzling and brand-new Ocean Deep Mermaid tail and wondered what it was made of? Curious as to how we make such gorgeous, beautiful deep colors? Well swim on in, the water's fine and we're happy to tell you all you need to know! The secret? It's our exclusive blend.

At the beginning of our prototypes, we knew we wanted and needed the most durable and the highest-quality fabric for our Mermaid Tails, to mirror the exceptional caliber of our fan-loved monofins. We began heavily researching as well as rigorously testing all the various professionally made swimwear fabric available on the market at that time.

Nylon is common for the fashion world of swimwear, but mermaids—hard-working, constantly swimming creatures that they are—needed something better. A fabric that could withstand the hours of being in the water, contact with pool walls or rocks as well as the normal wear and tear of everyday use. Nylon, however, is not printable and not terribly resistant to the effects of chlorine. We wanted the brightest, most vivid and realistic patterns for our scaled tails as well as a strong material for our glittered tails.

It made sense then, to choose a blend where the majority was polyester. Polyester has dominated as the chosen material by competitive swimmers all over the world. Polyester is also sleek and form-fitting as well as being chlorine-resistant, colorfast for printing, and UV-resistant. Because of polyester's unique durability, this makes our tails able to withstand being walked upon, accidental underwater and above ground bumps or scrapes too.

With the addition of 20% Elastane (spandex), the material can stretch easily in over 4 different directions adding softness and comfort that elevates the experience and touch of our mermaid tails.

Combined with working side-by-side with what our fans and customers tested, the top-rated premium material and the most cutting-edge printing techniques brought everything together perfectly!

This is how we managed to get such an enchanting, realistic 3D print with vibrant, hardy colors that mermaids—from professional to beginner little ones—all love!

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