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Our season of giving Mermaid Tails and Monofins

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In December of 2015, we had such fun running this drawing.  Each day we chose from the pool of customers who had ordered the day before and REFUNDED their orders up to $100!  Even shipping!  It was such a blast and we had such awesome responses from grateful customers who were happy to be able to stretch their sometimes small Christmas budgets a bit further.  

It was hard to keep up every day with the busy holiday season, but we caught up whenever we got behind. 

This page below with the regular updates of drawing winners was posted on our website, but we're moving it over here to the blog so we can archive it.  

We're all excited for the New Year and hope you are too!  


Throughout the entire month of December, we'll be giving one customer their order for free!  This isn't a give-away or contest, really, it's just our way of giving back.  We'll be choosing from a pool of customers randomly to make it fair.  Customers do not have to like us on Facebook or share our posts... we've just always liked the advice to 'commit random acts of kindness,' and we really hope our efforts this month embody that. 

Should you be one of the lucky customers, we hope you'll pass it on!  Use the refunded money to pay for someone's meal behind you in the drive through, stuff it into one of those collection buckets outside the grocery store, or into someone's mail box.  You could even donate it to your favorite charity, or maybe it will just help you stretch your already-tight Christmas budget a little further (we know how that goes).

Here are some rules/guidelines so customers know what to expect:

1.  Starting December 1st, we'll be collecting customer names into a pool (and by pool, we mean a numbered spreadsheet, entered in the order the orders were received).  Everyone who orders between 12:00am - 11:59pm Mountain Standard Time will be automatically entered in the pool for that day. 

2.  The following morning, we'll total up the orders and use to enter the order numbers.  The system will randomly choose one customer.  Yay!  So exciting!  We will then refund the purchase price (up to $100) to that customer!  We're having flat rate shipping on mermaid tails and monofins all month, and depending on your order, your shipping may not be refunded just because we have to pay it to the fulfillment center.

3.  We'll notify the customer directly and post the first name and last initial on Facebook to announce the winner (eg: Jane S.).  If you're the winner and would like to be tagged, just let us know, otherwise we'll protect your privacy just in case a big post on your timeline spoils someone's Christmas present.

We'll repeat this process every day throughout December! 

Customers don't need to do anything gimmicky to enter, just place the order they (hopefully) were going to place anyway.  And even if your name doesn't get drawn, we hope you will appreciate our flat rate shipping discounts and 5% off coupon (coupon code GIVING - excluding pre-order and clearance items). 

Have an absolutely wonderful season -- whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Festivus, we hope your month is merry & bright. 


Sun Tail Mermaid

Drawing results (updated [mostly] daily):

We got a little behind with the Christmas rush, but we're all caught up now.  Here are the customers wo were drawn from the 14th - 20th!

Catching up on our #31daysofgiving drawing once again -- congratulations everyone!  Just three days left to order and score free mermaid tails and monofins.  Happy Holidays!

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