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Mermaid Hairstyles

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When cosplaying as a mermaid either for a competition, photoshoot or because you are a professional mermaid, it's important to have the right mermaid hairstyles for your character. Depending on your own personal style, there are several options available that you may want to try out. Of course, these also vary if you are actually going underwater to swim or if you are keeping your head above the water.

Mermaid Hairstyles:
  • Loose curls. If you don't plan on actually going in the water, then loose curls are a wonderful choice for your mermaid look. Even more of a classic, retro glam curl can be a great option for a timeless mermaid appearance.
  • Loose braids throughout. This is a great look if you are relying on the water to help give you beachy waves, and loose braids throughout your hair will help to give it a bit more texture, without completely removing the wilder free side that every mermaid has.
  • A fishtail braid down your back. All mermaids have gloriously long hair, so you might as well do a fishtail down your back, leaving an inch or two unbraided. It'll mirror your mermaid tail that you'll be wearing.
  • A seashell clip. This is a beautiful accessory that can go on the side of your curled hair and help bring the ocean vibe to your hair. Simply clip in your hair and then go about your mermaid business.
  • A messy braid with flowers. Add a few flowers here and there throughout the length of your braid and pull on the braid to make it looser and bit messier for the full effect. This is a beautiful look for any mermaid.
  • Long and straight. For some mermaids, you may just want to straighten your hair and leave it long and loose. This is a beautiful look for any mermaid and will allow your hair to blow in the breeze.
  • A half fishtail. Pull the top half of your hair back and braid it in a fishtail down the middle. Leave the rest loose either straight, wavy or curled for a perfectly aquatic look.
  • Add a seashell crown. Nothing says mermaid princess like a crown made out of seashells and placed delicately on your head.

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