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Decorating A Mermaid Room

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There's nothing like creating an aquatic wonderland to really help bring your daughter's love of mermaids to life. However, there's more to knowing how to decorate a mermaid room than just painting a room blue and adding a plush mermaid tail blanket to her bed. Luckily, here at Sun Tail Mermaids, we know how to transform a room into a mermaid paradise with our little touches that will take a room to a new level. Check out our mermaid room decoration suggestions below!

How to Decorate a Mermaid Room
  • Choose a pretty blue, seafoam green or purple color for the walls. If you'd really like to go all out, there are removeable wall murals available, and you could choose one that features a mermaid or that features aquatic life like fish and maybe even a certain singing crab.
  • Choose matching bedding and curtains. For the curtains, we suggest something sheer that can blow in the wind or the air conditioning to make it look like it's moving with the motion of the ocean. For the bedding, an ombre comforter is a great option to capture some of the most popular mermaid colors like blue and purple.
  • Put netting and lights on the ceiling above the bed. Hook some fish netting up to the ceiling with it draping down a bit here and there, and then add some battery-operated LED lights. Accent the netting with seashells.
  • Add jellyfish hanging lanterns in the corner. These are easy to make, simply take existing paper lanterns in matching or complementing colors, and add crepe paper to the bottom to create the "jellyfish." Hang in groups of 3 in the corners.
  • Create a seashell headboard. If you're especially artistic, this can be a great option for adding an extra special flair to her room. Either draw one on the wall and paint it and then add a foam border to make the shell pop or if you're handy with wood, create a wood headboard shaped like a seashell. Smooth and paint it for the final touch.
  • Add starfish to the walls. For an accent wall, put up differing sizes of starfish set up sporadically on the wall. Spray paint them all the same color or leave them natural, depending on what looks best with the other décor.

Any of these tips on how to decorate a mermaid room will take her bedroom to the next level.

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