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Let's Talk Mermaid Monofin COLOR... And Our New Realistc Scale Mermaid Tails As Well!

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Original Mermaid Monofin Colors Now In Nunui!

Almost a year ago, we launched our Keiki kid size monofin in three colors: lavender, royal blue, and kelly green. We now have a rainbow of colors available to choose from, but due to an oversight at our plastics factory, we didn't have those original colors in our Nunui teen/adult size monofin until just recently.

They're finally here and better than ever! We love the new, richer kelly green and royal blue colors -- check out the comparison below.

compare mermaid monofin colors

Pictured: the new green in the larger Nunui fin behind our current green kid-size Keiki fin, and the new royal blue in the larger Nunui fin behind our current kid-size Keiki royal blue fin. Our turquoise fin is on the far right, just for some extra comparison, but it's a little 'blown out' by the sunshine streaming through the window.

We'll get the Keiki kid size fins made in the new green and royal blue soon, but we think they're all great colors!

Did you notice the RED Nunui fin in the corner? It's a tester, so it's got a couple of imperfections, but the final run is in stock now. It is so pretty with our new Seven Seas mermaid tails!

Speaking of Those New Mermaid Tails...

Have you seen them yet? They're here and ready to ship. Aren't they beautiful?

Aurora Borealis: A mermaid tail inspired by the northern lights, this pastel pretty goes with lavender, purple, and pink monofins!

<br />pastel mermaid tail for sale

Bali Blush: Gorgeous purple and pink hues with a dash of red means this tail matches our pink, purple, lavender, and even our red monofins!

pink and purple scale mermaid tails

Blue Lagoon: Our turquoise tail has a blend of pretty royal blue, aqua, turquoise, and even some greens to ensure that our turquoise, royal blue, and kelly green monofins look perfect with it.

mermaid tails, turquoise

Dragon Tail: The first mermaid tail in our gender neutral fantasty line, the Dragon Tail is sure to please with its spined-looking fluke reminiscent of a dragon's wings :) It goes with our black, lavender, purple, lime green, or kelly green monofins:

<br />dragon <g class="gr_ gr_49 gr-alert gr_spell gr_disable_anim_appear ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" id="49" data-gr-id="49">purple black</g> mermaid tails

p.s. All of our new realistic scale mermaid tails are now available in our cute little toddler sizes, too! Our toddler tails fit kids ages 2 - 5.

Toddler Tails

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  • Yas I love the new tails I am definitely getting blue lagoon because blue is my favourite colour!

    AYO on

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