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Fun Games To Play With Your Sun Tail Mermaid

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For children, swimming means a lot of fun and splashes, just like any other watersport. But it is just possible for boredom to set in if going to the water means the same routine day after day. Children are on the lookout to break that monotony and enjoy the water in a different way. You could give them that break by getting their very own Sun Tail Mermaid collection and developing interesting games around mermaid tails, mermaid swimsuits, and shark fins. Here are few you can try.

The lone mermaid

Mermaids and sharks don’t go together, but in this competitive game, they can. Use shark fins and mermaid tails from Sun Tail Mermaids to split the children into two groups. For the mermaids, the idea is to cross the pool without being “caught” by a shark. If caught, that mermaid is out of the game. The game goes on until the time only one mermaid is left. That’s the winner!

The hidden box

Hide several small boxes in the pool, and have each of them protected by a shark. The mermaids must try and retrieve the boxes by diverting the attention of the sharks. The two teams are allowed to strategize their way to winning. The sharks will try to divert the attention of the mermaids while the mermaids will try to compel the guardian shark to leave the box unguarded. Set a time limit for the game, at the end of which the sharks and mermaids reverse their roles. When both sides have had their turn, count the boxes retrieved by each team and declare the winner.

The retrieval game

One of the all-time favorite party games is a hunt for a treasure trove. Sun Tail Mermaid can bring that game to the pool. Weighted pool toys or coins work well for this game. Place them at corners and crevices in the pool, or wherever you like. Obviously, the one who places the treasure trove “riches” cannot participate in the game, but can oversee the proceedings for fair play. This is an individual game, so each player has to look different. The best way to do that is to slip into mermaid tails, monofins, full-length suits, and shark fins . These come in mesmerizing colors, so you’ll have plenty of options. On the sound of the buzzer, all players must slide into the pool and start hunting for the items. The buzzer will go off again after 10 minutes, which is a signal for all players to stop their rummaging and come out of the pool. The fair-play referee will count the retrievals by each player and declare the winner.

Children are creative by nature. So it is likely that they will let their imagination run wild with their Sun Tail Mermaid and develop many more games on their own. Playing such fun games gives them an excellent channel to express their creativity, and adds an entirely new dimension to their swimming experience. Just ensure that they play the games under adult supervision, and they’ll be fine.

mermaid pool party

Mermaid Pool Party

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