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Top 3 Ways To Play With Your Kids That Don't Involve Electronics

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Raising kids is both incredibly tiresome and extremely rewarding. Though it’s fun and relaxing to kick back and watch TV with kids, it should not be the go-to method of entertainment. All kids have a knack for creativity that deserves to be expressed. In fact, we could all stand to learn from the way kids play. Technology is available to kids today that did not exist even five years ago. Keeping up with and acknowledging these changing times is important, but so is retaining technology-free playtime. Making sure your kids get a healthy dose of fun without electronics will keep their minds growing and give you great bonding time. Read on to learn how you can have fun right along with your children in ways that don’t involve technology.

painting with kids

1. Arts and Crafts

There is nothing like art to help get your kids’ creative juices flowing. Set up a table with an old tablecloth on it that can afford to take some wear and tear so that your kids can create in a worry-free environment. You can draw or paint with your kid. It is a great way to integrate knowledge of colors and shapes into a fun activity. Try making a collaborative picture together—you may be surprised at what comes to life! Craft supplies like pipe cleaners, feathers, googly eyes, and Popsicle sticks are the perfect ingredients for a creative and silly project.


2.Go For a Hike

Being in the outdoors is both good for your kids, and good for you. On your hike, you can play fun games like hide and seek or tag. It will get your kids moving and help teach them the responsibility of staying within a safe distance. You can also help teach your kids about the local wildlife and see if you can identify any trees or birds together. Showing your child the importance of learning from nature will help them appreciate being outdoors as much as they appreciate the technology available to them. Does your child have a favorite movie? Ask if you can reenact scenes as the characters while you’re outside to integrate their interests into nature.

mermaid swimsuit

3.Take You Kids Swimming

Whether it’s at the pool, the lake, or the ocean, swimming is a great family activity. You can play safe and fun games like Marco Polo or catch in the water. If you want to get creative, check out some great sites online for waterproof toys. Instead of opting for the usual flippers, you could get mermaid tail swimwear! The mermaid tails allow for great games or reenactments that will have both you and your kids laughing.

While it’s important to take advantage of the electronics available in today’s society, it is equally important that your child understands how to have fun without them. Relying on technology for fun can crush your and your child’s creativity. If you want to incorporate fun and unique accessories into your child’s playtime, don’t hesitate to look online for great products that aren’t electronic.

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