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Huge Discount on Dragon Tail and Sea Monster Bikinis!

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cheap mermaid bikinis

Our first run of the Dragon Tail Bikini Set and the Sea Monster Bikini Set (both child size) came out a little dark.  So, lucky you, we're discounting both bikini sets while new ones are made, yippie!

As you can see in the photos above, the bikini sets still coordinate nicely, they're just a little moodier in color.  Marked down to just $14.95, they are an absolute steal!

Note!  If you ordered a Dragon Tail mermaid tail before August of 2016, you'll have our first-run version, which has more blue tones.  It won't look great with this darker bikini set, but it looks really cute with the Siren Green bikini set. 

Here are the color differences between our first Dragon Tail 1.0 and our current Dragon Tail 2.0:

Dragon Tail print runs mermaids

Here's the original Dragon Tail pictured with the Siren Green top below.  Cute, right?

Original dragon tail mermaid tail with green bikini

We won't be making any more original-run blue-toned Dragon Tails or swim suits to match the older style, but keep an eye out for new designs coming in 2017!



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  • I personally like the 1.0 blue toned dragon tail better, I’m glad i got mine when I did.
    It’s a beautiful tail and good quality. Thank you for existing Sun Tail Mermaid! <3

    Melanie on

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