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Choosing a Mermaid Tail Color

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For every mermaid, there's an important choice that must be made before she can step into all her mermaid glory, and that is the question of choosing a mermaid tail color. For some, there's no question of what color they'll want, because everything they own is that color, whereas for others, it can be a little more of a difficult decision, especially with all the beautiful colors available to choose from. Luckily, we offer some tips and tricks when it comes to choosing a mermaid tail color to help with this decision.

  • Choose your favorite color. This is the simplest solution for future mermaids. If your favorite color is pink, there are several options to choose from, including our Bali Blush mermaid tail which is a beautiful blend of pinks and purples or even an all pink sparkly tail. Both are wonderful options for a future mermaid.
  • Choose an aquatic color. For others, they'll want to stick to something more authentic with the traditional mermaids and choose more of an aquatic color like a green or blue. Our Blue Lagoon mermaid tail is a great choice, as is our Siren Green, which will help you channel your inner "Little Mermaid".
  • Choose a rainbow. If you love all of the colors of the rainbow, then our rainbow Seven Seas mermaid tail is the perfect choice. This also means you don't have to choose just one color if you love multiple, and you can instead get them all to shimmer in the sun.
  • Choose a less common color. Perhaps your little one is all about standing out and wants to make sure that her mermaid tail doesn't blend in with others at the pool. Choosing one of the less common colors is a great way to ensure she stands out. Our Tiger Queen or Fiji Red mermaid tails are two less commonly seen mermaid tail colors and are sure to capture the attention of everyone swimming nearby.
  • Match to her favorite swimsuit. If she has a swimsuit that she wears constantly, why not match her mermaid tail to the swimsuit? We have a beautiful Paradise Purple option if she has a lighter purple swim top that will go nicely, and will have her looking like a mermaid in no time.
  • Let her go a bit darker. That's right, if she channels Ursula more than Ariel, let her inner sea witch out with our options like the Sea Monster or Dragon Tail options. These are much more unique colorings while also featuring more black to emphasize the differences between the tails.

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