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Mermaid Hair and Nail Colors

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Summer is coming up, and that means it’s time to start planning your grand entrance as a beautiful mermaid. If you’ve already gotten a tail and monofin, matching swim top, and have been practicing your swimming, all you really need to complete the look is a good mermaid hair and nail color. This is especially important for those who are stepping into the role of a professional mermaid and will need to convince the little ones watching them swim that they are indeed from under the sea.

To keep your look authentic, we have some mermaid hair and nail color suggestions to help you complete your look and be ready for mermaid season to begin.

Some potential mermaid hair colors to consider:
  • Red. If you want to channel Ariel, then a bright red is a wonderful color choice. It’s bright, vibrant, and can look especially good with a green tail.
  • Pink and purple streaks in blonde. This is a great hair color for summer even if you’re not a professional mermaid because it’s just all levels of fun. Adding in some pretty streaks can give you a mythical creature vibe, without the colors being too overpowering by being all over.
  • Blue or green. Of course, blue or green hair, or streaks in your hair, is also a great choice. This can work especially well if you naturally have dark hair, as blue and green streaks will show up nicely mixed in with your darker hair, and that would explain how you conceal your mermaid self from others while on land.
Mermaid Nail Colors:

Of course, every mermaid must have some underwater nail colors, it simply is up to you what to choose.

  • Match your nail to your tail. This is a great option, because why wouldn’t your nails match your beautiful mermaid tail? Add a sparkle accent nail to perfect the look.
  • Match your nails to your hair. If you chose to color your hair or already had a bright color, why not pick a polish that matches just as well. You’re sure to have coordinated your tail to look amazing with these colors, so the matching nail polish will bring everything together.
  • Choose a nail polish that changes colors in the water. This can be especially fun for little ones who can change their nail polish color simply by submerging their hands in cold water. There are a variety of colored nail polishes available that do this.

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