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About Our Clearance Sparkle Mermaid Tails

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I had a page on the website detailing why our mermaid tails were priced so cheaply. It detailed our testing process, and how the various sparkles held up on our different mermaid tail styles and colors. I kept updating it and finally realized it was really a better article for the blog. So I'm moving it here with all new updated information. I hope you find it helpful!

discount mermaid costumes

Due Diligence And Testing

Discount mermaid costumes When I had our current stock of sparkle mermaid tails and tankini swimming suits manufactured, I ordered fabric from a trusted source, one that was used by many in the mermaid tail and swimwear industry.

I knew other swimsuit and mermaid tail makers used the same fabric, but I tested samples extensively for colorfastness and longevity of the sparkles. Despite this rigorous testing, and only ordering fabrics in quantity that held up the very best, we found our green and pink tie-dye fabrics with swirly sparkle effects (shown right) did not hold up as well as we would have liked.

Clearance Pricing

When we had our grand opening, we listed ALL our sparkle mermaid tails at steep, steep discounts (practically at cost!) thinking that we would simply clearance them out so we could turn our attention to designing more durable mermaid tails without any sparkles. We were worried that since the green and pink performed poorly, the turquoise and purple styles would too.

Sparkles can definitely rub off of all the sparkle styles, but turquoise and purple do so well, we had customers writing to say that they felt like they'd robbed us because the mermaid tails were so pretty and they were holding up just fine! They even asked us to please continue stocking sparkle items, and to even consider adding more colors.

Well! We went back to our testing lab, and began even more rigorous testing, checking in with pattern testers who had had our purple and turquoise styles for a full season. The reports were really encouraging, their tails looked great, so we've decided to replace our green and pink tie-dye tails above with solid sparkle styles like our turquoise and purple:

mermaid styles

The pink and green mermaid tails are being made now, and will be in the store in just a few weeks. We'll also be adding some more colors to our line. Orange, lime, and royal blue sparkle fabrics are en route to our seamstresses. I can't decide on whether or not to add red - those who want it are pretty verbal, but they seem to be few and far between. Give us a holler if you'd like to see red sparkle mermaid tails.

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I'm pretty satisfied with how the sparkles hold up on all these colors. They will of course wear off on high friction areas like in the seat, and along the heel and tips of the fin area. One customer put it to me this way:

If you took your bathing suit, wrapped it around your feet, and walked all over a swimming pool and pool deck, how do you imagine it would look?

Well said! The perfectionist in me wants a fabric mermaid tail that can withstand normal wear and tear, but I also realize there's only so much we can do with lycra and spandex :)

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