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Mermaid Photography!

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Mermaid Photography has become a hot trend right now as more and more photographers are adding Mermaid shoots as options for their clients. The end result can be as fun or sultry or magical as you desire! Are you looking to get a Mermaid shoot for yourself or a loved one? Or are you a photographer in search of more inspiration? Here are some ideas to spark your creativity!

This is a great example of a highly stylized shoot by Magination Images. Costuming, lighting, and mood all lead you to a magical place! Featuring our Bali Blush Tail.

Inspiration can come from anywhere! Schuster Studios said that this photo of Corabelle the Corpus Christi Mermaid was inspired by renaissance paintings.

Cheryl Logan demonstrates how Mermaid Photography in a studio can be just as stunning! Featuring our Lime Rickey Tail.

Loni Smith turned a family session into a memorable event! All of the tails featured are from Sun Tail Mermaid! We especially love the Merman in his Sea Monster Tail!

Even maternity photo shoots are getting in on the mermaid action! This shot by Muddy Pearl Photography takes advantage of a sandy beach and our Siren Green Tail.

We have been so blessed to receive AMAZING photos of our Mermaid Tails taken by the most talented photographers! There isn't room here to showcase even a fraction of them, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see even more fabulous pics! And if you have one that you have taken, we would love to see it! Email it to us or post it to social media and tag us! Happy New Year!

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  • I love your tails! I cannot wait to add more to my collection! Thank you for featuring my image! <3

    Cheryl Logan on

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