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Mermaid Food For A Party

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Are you throwing a birthday party or general mermaid bash for the mermaid lovers in your life? You've come to the right place! Last week we brought you some Mermaid Birthday Party ideas, but let's talk about food! There are so many different ideas out there for mermaid party food.

I've compiled some of them here.

Jodi at Meaningful Mama has prepared a full menu for a mermaid themed party.

Mermaid Part Treats


Included in the menu: Crescent Roll Cheesy Fish, Starfish Marshmallows, Sand Dollar Sugar Cookies, Sand Castle Rice Krispy Treats, and much more!

Click over for recipes!

Childhood 101 has a whole host of ideas for throwing a mermaid party. Included in that is a great menu! There are watermelon whales, starfish fruit kabobs, and blue kool aid!

Mermaid Pool Snacks


At Catch my Party they have a really simple idea for a party favor and dessert combo! "Pearl" gumdrops and "coral reef" candy! It's just pearlized silver gumballs and blue rock candy in a clean, new fish bowl! What a wonderful idea for party favors.


So there are some great ideas for your mermaid party! Happy eating, and don't forget, mermaid tails and monofins make the best birthday gifts ever!

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