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Sand Art And Sculptures With Mermaids

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A few years ago when I had the amazing opportunity to return to London, my husband and I were walking along the banks of the Thames. We looked down and on the sandy shore next to the gloomy water was a man with a suitcase.

In the suitcase, he had various kitchen tools that he was using to make an incredible mermaid sculpture. He used found shards of pottery and other found objects to decorate her eyes and tail. It was amazing.

As you might expect, mermaids are popular subjects for sand and beach mermaid art.

Read below for some incredible mermaid beach art!

Mermaid Beach Art


This next mermaid sand sculpture is an incredible depiction of Ariel with Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid Beach Art


Want to do this yourself?

Here's a link to a great video on how to sculpt your own mermaid? You need a bucket, a bottomless bucket, a shovel, and found sticks and such on the beach where you are. The video is step-by-step and it's clear that anyone with a level of artistic ability can do it!

So there you have it. Lovely mermaid sand art sculptures for you to either look at or craft yourself!

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