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Ariel Costume With SunTails!

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For many young Mermaid lovers, the ultimate favorite for parties and dress up is Ariel from The Little Mermaid! A beloved Disney princess, Ariel is easily recognized and a fun character to imitate.

And luckily, an Ariel costume is as easy as 1,2,3!!

#1. Red Hair! You can achieve this with a wig or temporary hair color. Even little ones can put red chalk or spray color in their hair with the help of Mom or Dad!

#2. Purple Top! But really anything from Periwinkle to Royal Blue would work as well. The traditional top is a clamshell bra, or a basic purple bikini top. Other ideas would be a tankini or a simple spaghetti strap cami. And if it's cold outside, try putting the bikini, tankini, or cami on top of a white or flesh colored long sleeved shirt.

#3 Green Tail! Everyone knows Ariel by her bright green tail! And luckily for you, Sun Tail Mermaid has several green tails that would be perfect! (Our tails are walkable, so you can pull them up and walk door to door for Trick or Treating.) We have our Lime Rickey Tail, Siren Green Tail, Green Sparkle and our Lime Sparkle. ***Right now, our Lime Sparkle Tail is on Clearance for just $29.95! What a steal!***

Here is a picture of Cosplay artist @milknya dressed as Ariel using our 1,2,3 Formula and our Lime Green Rickey Tail!

Ariel is a fun costume favorite! And Sun Tail Mermaid has the tails to accommodate Trick or Treaters from toddlers to adults!

We would love to see your Ariel Costumes! Post and tag @suntailmermaid on social media or email them to us!


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  • Well, I guess I know what I’m going as next Halloween.

    Laura on

  • Cute costumes!

    Leeann on

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